21st Birthday Ideas For Your Girlfriend

The best 21st birthday ideas for her!

Boyfriends, for some reason, get a bad rap for forgetting important dates. It could be their anniversary, his girlfriend’s parent’s anniversary, or maybe even his girlfriend’s birthday. Whether this is true or not, there is a chance for every boyfriend to be the exception by cooking up some 21st birthday ideas for his girl.

A Good Boyfriend Plans an Awesome Birthday for His Girl

What’s the first step in planning for a birthday celebration? Is it the budget, the date and time, or the venue? Depending on what the planner’s biggest concern is, he should prioritize them according to importance.

  • The budget – for birthday planners whose biggest concern is money, especially for something that is not a basic need, he must first set a reasonable budget that will still guarantee a good time. Take time to research the price of supplies, food, cake, and drinks. If you’re going to rent a venue, research on the rates too.
  • The date – While the most obvious choice would be her birth date itself, sometimes celebrations will have to be rescheduled. For example, if the girlfriend’s birthday is on a Wednesday, and she has an exam the following Thursday, an afternoon walk by the beach plus a party in the evening as part of the 21st birthday ideas might not seem like a good idea for a weekday. Either celebrate her birthday on a weekend, or plan something more school night-friendly.
  • The venue – whether it’s a party or a date, venue might be a planner’s biggest concern. Perhaps it could be because the birthday celebrant expressed her wish of renting a yacht for a day, or going to a theme park; or maybe the planner has something special in mind that he wants his girlfriend to remember. Whatever that is, the planner should decide on as soon as possible.

Once the planner has addressed their biggest concern, it’s also a good step to take action. If the good boyfriend decides to throw a party, then he must now get supplies needed

Spending for Her Party

If there were one thing that should always be present in a birthday party, it would be booze. 21-year-olds love to party, and the perfect 21st birthday ideas always contain booze. Other party supplies worth considering are:

  • Theme-related decor – if the party will be beach-themed, for example, there should be beach balls, floating rings, and even flower garlands. If the party venue has a pool, then obviously guests should be allowed to swim in it.
  • Supplies for games, including prizes – it could be board games, playing cards, and beer cups for the beer pong. As for prizes, get creative: a snapshot of their winning moment, a can of premium beer, or a kiss from the hottest girl in the party.
  • Food – no matter how much fun everyone’s having, they will still be looking for food. There’s no need to prepare meals, unless the party will be a sit-down dinner; grab some nibbles from the grocery and place them in neat, unbreakable containers.
  • Camera – make sure they’re fully charged, or that the charger is always at hand. Great 21st birthday ideas should be documented for keepsakes. If the party thrower has a tripod and remote shutter, it would be of great use for taking group pictures without excluding anyone.
  • Grill – The boyfriend can take center stage as the grill master who serves everyone their ‘chops. This is especially nice for sunny weather.
  • Bouncy castle, inflatable slide – Who says these are just for kids? 21-year-olds can have fun in them, too.
  • Strobe lights, disco ball, fog machine – If the boyfriend is throwing a dance party somewhere, and then these should hype up the guests’ dance moves.
  • Intimate stuff – Once the crazy party is over, surely the birthday girl will thank her boyfriend for such a great time. Light some candles in the room, give it a romantic atmosphere, and give each other backrubs.

Because they’re girls, they will still expect gifts, even from their own boyfriends who are already throwing a party.

Final 21st Birthday Ideas: What Gift to Give Her

Ah, the 21st birthday presents. This is probably the most difficult decision to make. Sure, the girlfriend might love shoes, perfume, dresses, and all those girly stuff; she might want to receive something different from her boyfriend. It would be great if she already told her boyfriend what she’d want, but if she hasn’t yet, the poor clueless boyfriend must dig up some clues.

If the good boyfriend is planning on spending a naughty weekend together with his birthday girlfriend, sexy toys also make great gifts. If she’s a writer, perhaps a blank journal that looks ancient should inspire her to write down her thoughts. Whatever 21st birthday gifts the boyfriend decides on buying, this should be the greatest of all 21st birthday ideas he thought up.